Prevention of COVID-19
We take care of your health and comply with all preventive and disinfection measures recommended by Rospotrebnadzor to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
Security at the reception
Is provided with a social distance of 1.5 meters using signal markings
The reception desk is wiped with a disinfectant after each visitor
Disinfection of all room keys is carried out
Non-cash payment methods are encouraged

Security in the room
Disinfectants are used for daily cleaning of rooms
After the guest's departure, the air is ventilated and disinfected with a mobile recirculator

Restaurant security
The restaurant provides a distance between the tables of more than 1.5 meters
Tables in the restaurant are wiped with disinfectants after each guest
Guests are provided with meals delivered to the room
A contactless electronic menu is used

Security in public areas
Wet cleaning is carried out every 2 hours using disinfectants on all contact surfaces (door handles, railings, elevator buttons, etc.), public toilets and common areas.
Contactless dispensers with antiseptic are installed on each floor
Air disinfection is carried out by recirculators with an irradiation radius of up to 100 m
Social distancing of at least 1.5 meters with the help of signal markings is provided

Safety when communicating with staff
Daily temperature monitoring of employees is carried out using a non-contact thermometer. Personnel with signs of respiratory diseases are not allowed to work
The hotel staff is allowed to work only in disposable masks and gloves